Strategy Games

Pump your brain and show the power of your thoughts! After all, strategic games are the genre that requires the player to include all the brain forces. Well-developed muscles and quick reactions cost nothing in Strategy Games if you do not know how to think and make decisions without hesitation. Prove that you can build an empire from scratch and bring it to prosperity!

Strategic games are a special genre of computer games because the basis of the gameplay is the player’s ability to think strategically to analyze and draw conclusions. The reaction rate or other physical indicators do not play a big role. The entire gameplay is built on concentration and thought processes. 

In most cases, the game has a detective, fantasy story, the plot development of which the player can influence, making his choice. It is necessary to take into account not only the counterforce but also be able to build defenses, deploy fortresses or deploy their troops. Also, depending on the plot, the design of the games usually recreates the atmosphere of the world: endless expanses of space, wide green meadows of a magic country or ancient castles. The gameplay requires concentration from the player because you need to control not one avatar, but the whole world.

The most popular subgenre in the Strategy Games category is a simulator-style strategy game that compares reality and the virtual world. The player must act in conditions that comply with the rules. In addition, abstract strategic games are common. They are aimed at solving turn-based tasks or puzzles in a strategic way, but the laws do not correspond to the real world but obey the internal rules of the game. The genre of strategies allows you to play against artificial intelligence or other participants. Also in some games, the computer helps the player to make minor administrative decisions.

In the Strategy Games category, you will find many interesting games. Everyone can choose a story to his/her liking. Games with elements of battle or racing, strategies, aimed at phasing out tasks with building a world from scratch.